Discover EV Traction Dry Cell Batteries

Discover Energy Corp. is committed to the highest quality products to meet market demand for more power within lower economic and environmental footprints. As the industry leader in stored energy and innovative power solutions, Discover batteries provide proven and tested technological advantages over other batteries and manufacturers, and are used across multiple applications around the world.

Check out Discover battery product lines to learn how Discover batteries provide the best performance and environmental balance in battery technology.


 Lithium Advanced Energy

Lithium Advanced Energy Systems

Discover® Advanced Lithium Battery Systems provide excellent productivity gains through enhanced cycling, charge time, weight and volume improvements in stationary and mobile applications versus lead acid technology. Dramatic improvement in cycle and float life and greater than 95% charge efficiency, combined with nearly zero maintenance requirements provides end users with significant cost of ownership savings. See More »


Discover EV Traction Dry Cell Batteries

EV Traction Dry Cell Batteries

Discover® EV Traction Dry Cell Batteries provide superior high integrity and reliability. The sealed valve regulated maintenance-free, traction plate construction, designed to deliver excellent run time and very good cycle life in hard, high rate deep cycle applications with repeated deep discharging, makes the EV Series the definitive choice for robust Traction applications. See More »

EV Traction GEL Batteries

EV Traction GEL Batteries

Discover® EV Traction GEL Batteries provide superior integrity and reliability. The sealed valve regulated maintenance-free, thick plate construction, designed to deliver excellent cycle life and very good run times at high operating voltages in tough deep cycle use with regular discharges, makes the EV Gel Series an excellent choice for robust commercial application. See More »

 AGM Batteries

Float and Cyclic AGM/GEL Batteries

Discover® general purpose float and cyclic AGM and GEL batteries are high quality sealed valve regulated maintenance-free batteries constructed for float/standby or medium duty deep cycling. Applications include: Emergency Lighting, Burglar/Fire Alarms, Hand Held Lights, Test and Measuring Equipment, Electrical Bicycles/Scooters Ride-on Toys, Walkie Stackers, Metal Detectors, Solar Power Film and Theatrical Equipment, Remote Monitoring, Robotics, Invisible Fencing, Scientific Instruments, Photographic Equipment, Communication & Telecom Systems, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Marine and Power Station Applications, Remote Monitoring, Remote Area Power Generation, Solar Power, Remote Access Devices. See More »

 Advanced Tubular RE Batteries

Tubular OPzS and OPzV (Flooded and GEL) Batteries

Discover® RE Tubular OPzS & OPzV (Flooded and Gel) batteries provide maximum efficiency per discharge-charge cycle, and proven reliability in remote, high temperature, or unstable power network installations. The proven cycle and float life of Discover Advanced Tubular Plate technology; combined with low maintenance needs; provides end users with the lowest overall cost of ownership versus other high quality lead acid batteries designed for stationary and renewable energy applications. See More »

ECO MIXTECH Automotive Battery

ECO MIXTECH Automotive Batteries

Discover® ECO batteries are innovative, high quality, and maintenance free and provide better and more sustained performance in automotive and commercial start-stop (anti-idle) driving applications. ECO batteries are designed and manufactured with award winning, patented German MIXTECH technology to provide longer battery life. See More »

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